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Four Things to Consider When Purchasing a Monument In Connection with a Funeral and Cremation in Bedford, IN

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If you are in the market for a monument or headstone relating to funeral and cremation in Bedford, IN, here are some things to know or find out before you buy this type of product.

The Regulations Governing the Final Destination: Most cemeteries have their own rules and regulations surrounding how things are done in their establishment. The best way to know what these rules are is to ask for a written copy of these requirements. That way, you can be confident you are following the instructions, which may save you extra stress and costly purchases that are unable to be used.

It depends on the specific establishments, but some burial grounds have rules surrounding sizes, materials used, allowances for photographs or etchings on your stone, font styles, etc. Sometimes different areas of a cemetery are regulated differently. You must be aware of the rules for the site where your purchased plot is. There is often a required waiting period after a grave is opened before a heavy stone can be set correctly. This helps the rock have a solid foundation and helps to prevent any significant settling of your grave marker.

Know What Matters to You: The information and inscriptions on the headstone are usually left open to the preferences of the next of kin or the person who is pre-planning/purchasing their own stone. Full names, nicknames, birth and death dates, favorite scriptures, or sayings are all common elements that might be included. As mentioned before, be sure this is in keeping with the regulations governing the burial site where the stone will be installed. Take the time to proofread for accuracy on the information that will be engraved or inscribed.

Grades and Quality of the Materials You Are Selecting: Assuming you would like this monument to stand the test of time, you’ll need to do your research on what types of materials are going to be best for the area you are placing the stone. This is where it also becomes important to work with a reputable monument company. Be sure to learn all you can about their history, the quality of their work, and other customers’ experiences that may be published in reviews online.

Consider the Cost: We’ve already talked about why choosing a quality product will matter, but you must balance that with what you can afford. Having a budget to work within will help you find something that will honor your loved one well and leave you without the additional stress that overspending can bring.

Other Ways to Honor and Remember Your Loved One

Find out what you can about the local area funeral homes with their available services, packaged discounts for multiple services, and if they offer cremation services. Even if you do not end up needing all of the offered services, there are some nice benefits to working with a full-service funerary firm. For example, your funeral home may offer to memorialize mementos that can be ordered at the time the final arrangements are made.

Memorial jewelry is one example of this. These may be designed around fingerprint impressions or have compartments built to hold a small clipping of hair or cremated remains. Other accessories such as paperweights, ornaments, or figurines could also be ordered to help you cope with the loss of your loved one. Again, there is not any requirement to place an order for this merchandise, but if you would like it, it will most likely need to be ordered before the funeral and cremation in Bedford, IN.

Important Reasons to Pre-Plan When Possible

Making plans for final arrangements pre-need is a choice that can bring about peace of mind for you and your closest loved ones. Just as it is advisable to put your final affairs in order with legal instruments like a will and life insurance policies, making prior arrangements for death care is both prudent and compassionate. With your recorded selection of the kinds of services that you wish will be performed and/or held in your honor, your closest relatives will not be left guessing what you would have chosen.

In addition to making these arrangements, you can also pre-pay for these services ahead of time. This allows you to lock in the current price point even though your services may not be necessary for quite some time. Your funds will be held in trust by a third party until the time of need in most cases.

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Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

Can a Funeral Home Withhold a Death Certificate?
  • No, under normal circumstances or in most situations, a funeral home is required to provide a death certificate to the next of kin or legal representative of the deceased. However, there are very few exceptions to this rule. If the death is due to suspected foul play or illegal activity, the funeral home may be required to withhold the death certificate pending an investigation. Also, if the cause of death is unknown or pending autopsy results, the funeral home may be asked to withhold the certificate. For more information, you can visit our funeral resources page.
Can Funeral Home Take Life Insurance?
  • Yes. A funeral home can take out a life insurance policy on a deceased person. Many funeral homes have an arrangement with a particular life insurance company to provide coverage for those who die within a certain time period of their policy purchase. The funeral home will become the beneficiary of the policy and will receive the payout when the person dies. This is a common setting for people who have pre-planned funeral arrangements. If the client dies prematurely, the funeral home can use the money from the life insurance policy to pay for the funeral expenses and to cover any other debts that the client may have left behind.
Are Funerals Safe to Attend During Covid?

  • Yes, funerals are safe to attend during covid. Many funeral homes also follow certain safety protocols to ensure this. Also, constant disinfection is being done to make sure that funeral homes are clean. It is important to do so because funerals are an essential part of society and tradition in honoring life. However, it is still up to each one of us to follow these safety measures during a funeral ceremony. If you’re feeling sick or have symptoms, it would be best to stay at home as consideration for others. Safety measures like washing hands using alcohol or sanitizer and covering your nose and mouth should still be observed.