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Four Aspects to Think About When Choosing a Monument Following Funeral and Cremation in Oolitic, IN

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An important part of planning out the final arrangements often includes the need to have a monument set up to honor the memory of your loved one. This monument will often be used to mark a grave or tomb of the departed individual. If you are making plans for services with a funeral and cremation in Oolitic, IN, and need a monument, here are some things to remember while you are shopping:

Where It Will Be Installed: This needs to be thought about when you purchase the burial plot because there are usually some rules regarding what types of monuments, headstones, or grave markers are allowed in a given establishment. Get yourself a written copy of these instructions with a date stamp if possible. Following these regulations will save time, money, and hassle by getting something perfect from the start.

What Information Should Be Included: Since this won’t be easily changed later, make sure any inscriptions are exactly what you want to have on this monument. Double-check all spellings and dates for accuracy before your order is submitted. You may choose to include a quote, scripture, stanza, etc.

How It Will Weather: The eroding impact of the elements over time ought to be considered. What materials will hold up best in the climate or setting where the monument is installed? Naturally, you probably want to have a marker that will stand the test of time so that any posterity and future generations can visit this place to pay respects easily.

What it Will Cost: Approaching the decision of which monument to purchase will be aided by having an idea of what you would like to spend on this piece of merchandise. You can find many great options within a range of price points. Higher quality materials will typically cost more than materials that will deteriorate more rapidly. With that said, figure out what is most important to you and put your dollars towards those things first and foremost.

Other Memorial Ideas and Options Planned With Funeral and Cremation in Oolitic, IN

Memorial jewelry is a meaningful option available to order when you are in the planning stages of a funeral and cremation in Oolitic, IN. There are gender-neutral themes and some pieces that are designed with women or men in mind. These accessories often carry a fingerprint or thumbprint impression taken from your loved one’s remains before the body's disposition. Inscriptions could be added as well. Some memorial jewelry is made to securely encase a small portion of ashes or hair from the departed individual.

Of course, there are other mementos and merchandise that could be ordered along these lines too. Ornaments, paperweights, or other unique figures could serve as a visual reminder of this very special person. A digital slideshow of photographs, videoclips, and favorite music can be a beautiful tribute that makes a fantastic keepsake for you and your loved ones to revisit when you need to feel close to your departed.

Benefits of Making Final Arrangements Ahead of Time

Planning for death care services before they are needed is not limited only to people who are facing an approaching death, though that can be a useful option in that circumstance. Pre-need funerary plans can be set years in advance of the time they are expected to be used. Having things at least loosely planned ahead of time can be a massive help to the surviving loved ones who are going to be tasked with making your final arrangements. This is a delicate topic but worth taking some time to think about, even if you only make a few of the decisions right now.

Plans can be started with online pre-need planning forms right in the comfort of your home. If it feels easier to face these choices with the support of a pre-arrangement specialist, you can make an appointment to do so. An additional way prior planning can support your loved ones and bring peace of mind is to pay for future services now. By doing this, you will secure the services you have chosen at today’s prices. If quite some time passes before you pass away, this could be a significant saving for your family.

Fully Equipped Funeral Homes Can Help With Each Phase of Final Arrangements

If at all possible, you’ll want to work with a funeral home that can provide help and support with each phase of the final arrangements process. A full-service funeral home like Ferguson-Lee Chapel of Thorne-George Family Funeral Homes and help not only with services for funeral and cremation in Oolitic, IN, but all of the other details as well. Come see our facilities located at 818 18th St, Bedford, IN 47421.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is a Virtual Funeral Service?
  • A virtual funeral service is a funeral that is held online. The service can be attended by family and friends who are located anywhere in the world. That way, families who want to hold a funeral but do not live close to the deceased. The virtual funeral service can include a live webcast of the funeral ceremony, as well as an online guest book where friends and family can leave condolences. Families may also choose to have a memorial page set up on Facebook or another social media site in honor of their loved ones. You can visit here to see our funeral services offered.
Can You Still Have a Funeral During Covid?
  • Yes, you can still have a funeral during Covid. However, that may depend on your location. If the situation is severe, then you might need to check with your local government if there are restrictions in place. If there are restrictions, you may opt to get virtual funeral services for your loved one.  Funerals provide an important opportunity for people to come together and mourn the loss of a loved one. They also offer a chance for friends and family to grief support to one another during a difficult time.
What Kind of Funeral Services Are There?

  • Funeral services can vary greatly, but there are a few common types. Traditional funerals usually involve a viewing of the deceased body, followed by a funeral service in a church or other venue. After the service, the body is typically buried or cremated. More modern funerals may skip the viewing and have a less formal service, sometimes outdoors – this can also include something more personalized. Some modern funerals even include a celebration of life services which focuses more on the happy moments instead of mourning for a loss. There are also the veteran services which are tributed in honor of the ones who died serving the country.